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I lived at Isaiah 58 for 11 months. It has changed my life and I am forever grateful to Living Faith Church, Pastors Jeff Beard and Kim Beard.

I really needed to get a new start. I will always thank God for my time there.  It gave me what I needed in my life when I was lost.

I will say the House served its purpose for me in every way.  Most of all, it gave me a much needed spiritual awakening.  

I sincerely could have not done any better any where else.  The structure, the work book, and the Word of God were very edifying to me.  I am no longer living in the past because I am forgiven and free.

Much love to Isaiah 58 House.

Dennis C.
June 2013
The Isaiah 58 Project program literally saved my life!  After being incarcerated for 27 months, I had no one to turn to and no where to go and needed someplace to go in order to be released. Two days before my release, I met with Pastor Jeff Beard, who offered me a place to stay.  Pastor Jeff asked if we could pray before making a final decision, and we did. I knew right then that this was a Divine appointment for me! Not only is Pastor Jeff dedicated to  recovery from addictions, his ministry revolves around it. The door opened and I was welcomed into the Isaiah 58 Project Recovery House.  I must say at first, I was a little hesitant about entering a Christian based recovery program but after working the program material and being involved with this ministry, I have been able to see first hand that this type of program works! I also want to personally thank Pastor Jeff and Pastor Kim of Living Faith Church and the Isaiah 58 Project for being faithful to the Lord and for carrying out and moving forward in the vision God has given them. I also thank Dr. John Guziak for his encouragement to the Beard's to help them fulfil their vision.  I am a life that was saved! Thank you,

Allen G.
Sept. 2009
I came to the Isaiah 58 Project home in February 2009 after  completeing a 90 day program for drug and alcohol addiction.  When I got to the house, I was physically and spiritually broken.  Pastors Jeff and Kim Beard became a big part of my life at this point.  They gave me a place so I could learn more about God and a life without drugs and alcohol.  For that I am very grateful.  The house has been a real blessing to me because it gave me the opportunity to learn how to live on my own again. It has also given me a chance to look inside of me and to learn to let the true person out. Living Faith Church is also a real blessing because I found God and turned my life over to Him. The church lets me minister to people so that maybe they will see how God has worked in my life, and freed me from the bondage of addiction - for that I am very grateful. Maybe the people that I minister to in the Soup Kitchen will turn to God for all of their problems. Its been a good journey so far and I am looking forward to a new life with God. I highly recommend that if someone really wants to have a new life and freedom from addiction, this is the place to be. Thank you to all the people at Living Faith Church and the Isaiah 58 Project.

John P.
May 2009
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